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Mobile Phone Risks

June 1st, 2011
With the World Health Organisation update on cancer risks, it is timely pointer for OHS Managers to review the organisation’s Policy on Mobile Phones.

Given the range of issues and risks associated with mobile phone and mobile technology (IPads, Tablet Devices, GPS), the policy should be reviewed from the perspective of cancer concern and also the operational impacts of this new technology.

There are sad but true stories of people being lost using their GPS or worst still driving of the road, trying to work out or operate the GPS system.  In reviewing the mobile phone policy, the message of driving safety and new technologies, should also be reinforced.

Cancer is just one of the OHS risks of mobile phone use.  The risk of injury or damage increases when people are distracted when driving or walking.  Some work areas in particular are “no go” for mobile phones and consideration may need to be given for separate warnings for mobile technology fitted with mobile technology.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has updated its position on the cancer risks of mobile phones.

The news report on this change in position can be accessed here.

For general background information on mobile phones and risks associated with mobile phone use while working (driving, at a work site or in high hazard areas) see the Guidance Note from WorkSafe ACT.